Local Entrepreneurs Take a Float in the Shark Tank


Our home town float therapy innovators, Urban Float’s Chief Operating Officer Joe Beaudry and CEO Scott Swerland will appear on ABC’s "Shark Tank" Sunday, March 17.  These local entrepreneurs appear on the broadcast to pitch the Urban Float franchise concept, but viewers will have to watch to find out if the sharks bite.  

Urban Float opened as Seattle’s first floatation therapy spa with its first corporate location in Fremont in 2013 and added new stores in Kirkland, Renton, and Capitol Hill in 2014, 2015 and 2017 consecutively.  Urban Float has franchise locations open in Vancouver and Tacoma - as well as Ohio, Texas, and Delaware; with more states coming soon.

 “We created Urban Float six years ago to bring the benefits of float therapy to our community,” said Urban Float Chairman & CEO Scott Swerland. “The opportunity to share our story, along with the mental, physical and emotional benefits of float therapy on this international platform is just unbelievable."

 Whether guests seek pain management, sports recovery, stress relief, or improved focus by disconnecting from our hyper-connected world, Urban Float creates a sanctuary to help improve quality of life. Recently published and peer-reviewed studies have proven why floating can have lasting physical, mental and emotional benefits. Learn more and link to the studies directly at www.urbanfloat.com/benefits.

Urban Float is an oasis that brings the benefits of floating to the metropolitan lifestyle. Floating offers guests the chance to rest in 200 gallons of purified water with 1,200 pounds of Epsom salt in a private, sensory-managed room for a 60-minute session. Also described as 'weightless relaxation,' floating offers clinically-proven results for stress reduction, pain reduction, anxiety reduction, and improved focus.  Learn more and plan a float at www.urbanfloat.com on FacebookInstagram.  If you're interested in a franchise, visit www.franchise.urbanfloat.com.


Erin Osborne