Try This Holiday Dessert Hack


Last minute holiday friends? Here’s our gift to you, courtesy of the experts at Nutty Squirrel and Fainting Goat. The recent addition of a European pastry line make this family owned collection of cafes a go-to for artisan gelato and any number of sweet treats. Order gelato pie, pick up a pint of seasonal gelato - think Candy Cane, Snickerdoodle and Tiramisu Veneziano - and consider your party contribution complete.

The real icing on the cake? This holiday hack courtesy of a Pandoro Cake (limited number still available at the cafes, call ahead to confirm availability), candied walnuts and a little chocolate fudge creates a seasonal confection just about anyone can execute at home. Watch Ellen Tailor at Q13 try her hand at the hack at this link, or check out the expert demo at this link .

Erin Osborne